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  • NELSON WADE, a custom besoke tailor for custom tailored suits, custom dress shirts, pants, blazer jackets at 4419 North Scottsdale Road, Second Floor #214, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

    It's custom from NELSON WADE!

    The custom tailor in Scottsdale that you
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    custom tailored business apparel!

    Bespoke custom tailored fashion
    for men and women!

  • A custom tailor at 4419 North Scottsdale Road, Second Floor #214, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 for Custom Dress Shirts!

    Custom Dress Shirt,
    Custom Collared Blouses
    and Custom Neckwear

    A custom tailor in Scottsdale for
    Custom Dress Shirts!

    NELSON WADE, designs and provides
    custom dress shirts, collared blouses
    and custom neckwear for clients in Scottsdale,
    Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Chandler.

    View our custom dress shirt fabric collection
  • Italian Handmade Silk Ties, Cufflinks, Italian leather Briefcases, Handbags and Accessories

    Italian Handmade Silk Ties, Cufflinks, Italian leather Briefcases, Handbags and Accessories

  • Custom Collared Blouses, Pants, Skirts, Blazer Jackets and Suits for Women in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler.

    Custom Tailored Ladies Wear

    Fine custom ladies business fashion!
    Unique, quality and luxury
    from NELSON WADE.

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  • Custom tailored bespoke business fashion for men and women

    Change your perspective
    and enjoy bespoke fashion.

    Impress your Clients
    and Partners with your style!

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NELSON WADE®, the English Savile Row inspired custom tailor is a clothier for men and women. Custom business fashion, such as custom dress shirts, suits, neckties, collared blouses, skirts and trousers.

Socks from NELSON WADE.Socks, socks and more socks from NELSON WADE

Traditionally, dress socks should complement the dress level of the rest of your ensemble. Black custom suit, black socks, navy custom suit, navy socks and so forth.

This normally presents an streamline appearance and by this means, many men like this because there is no room for confusion of what is the right sock color or the wrong sock color to wear.

However at NELSON WADE, we feel once a man has his own sense of style, he should feel free to break away from this rule of thumb presentation for socks. Wearing bold colors and patterned socks can set you aside in the world of fashion boredom.

Bold socks can give you excitement and conversation that never would have happen with wearing a black pair of socks.

So men, live well and dress well with your socks!

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Custom Suit, made to measure suit, business suit, Italian silk ties, custom dress shirt, silk pocket squares from NELSON WADEAt NELSON WADE®, we design & create custom clothing for each client with a custom fit that is reflective of our client's personal taste. In addition to continuing the exacting traditions of bespoke tailoring, NELSON WADE® clothes have details that are indicative of the old world tailor craftsmanship.

To have a custom garment made, make a private appointment for your individual consultation at your home, office or at our store just one block south of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall on Scottsdale Road. We also offer group or corporate private fittings, your shopping experience will represent the utmost in style and luxury. In addition to collecting your physical measurements, we will carefully consider your profession, lifestyle, and desired image when coordinating your look.

Custom Tailored Suits & Custom Dress Shirts

Your clothing says a great deal about you!

If you are looking for quality clothing that makes a strong fashion statement, consider custom tailored suits, blazers or jacket, pants and custom tuxedos for men from NELSON WADE® in Scottsdale.

Our fabrics generally come from England and Italy, they are used to create our beautiful custom garments. We use a variety of fine wools from the fabric ranges of super 100s to super 200s along with other fabrics such silks, linen, tweeds. A few of the fabric mills that we use and recommend to our clients are John Foster, Scabal, Holland & Sherry and Marzoni to just name a few.

Custom Tuxedo Shirts, Custom Tuxedos.Visit our FAQs page for many answers to questions such as, "How long does a custom suit take to make?" or "I have a suit, skirt, trousers that fits me perfectly. Can you copy it?"

In our store on Scottsdale Road near Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, you can come in and view our collection of more than 4000 custom dress shirt fabrics.

We will then guide you through the selection of shirting fabric material in every imaginable color, pattern and texture.

Once having selected a shirt fabric with the look and feel that is just right for you, next comes a choice of dozens of available cuff, collar styles and the finish details such as button and thread colors. Now it is time for us to take your measurements. One might assume that a custom dress shirt can be made from a simple collar and sleeve measurement, as that is how ready to wear shirts are selected. However, we also takes shoulders, chest, waist  and hip measurements, all very crucial for a contoured fit that prevents bunching up above the waist, which is the first sign of a bad shirt.

Custom Dress Shirts from NELSON WADE in Scottsdale.At NELSON WADE®, we use the finest quality 2-ply fine cotton that come from fabric mills in various countries from around the world. A basic shirt costs a mere $169.00, which is less than many fine quality ready to wear models, leaving you with absolutely no reason to continue buying ill-fitting shirts.

We design and create custom dress shirts, custom Tuxedo shirts for our corporate, media and sports professional clients from the greater Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler and Scottsdale.

Click here to view our 2-ply cotton description and custom dress shirt features.

Italian Handmade Neckties, Custom Bespoke Ties & Accessories

Italian silk handmade ties, silk neckties, custom silk tiesIn addition to custom tailored suits and custom dress shirts, NELSON WADE® also offers series of silk neckties, the Classic Tie Series and Luxury Tie Series. Both are handmade in Como, Italy. Our custom hand sewn neckties are designed with elegant silk fabrics from England and Italy.

Often, you can order custom neckties in fabrics that match your custom dress shirts and other clothing from NELSON WADE®. Contact us by email or phone for additional information. You can be rest assured that our ties and our other accessories from NELSON WADE® will be unique and will compliment your wardrobe.

Untied Silk Bow TieFor special events world wide and corporate trade shows, we also design and create Custom Silk Corporate Neckties & Scarves. Both items are either made by woven silk or can be printed on twill silk. We only used the finest Italian silk for our Custom Silk Corporate Neckties & Scarves, which are also made in Como, Italy.

Click here to view further information.

Additionally, NELSON WADE® has fashionable Italian leather briefcases, handbags, necktie travel cases and cuff links.

Ladies Custom Collared Blouses, Skirts, Pants, 2-piece Suits

Womens Custom Collared Blouses.With a high standard for quality and customer satisfaction NELSON WADE® prides itself in providing our female customers with fine woman's custom collared blouses, tailored shirts, skirts and pants.

For example, our ladies custom collared blouses are designed to be elegant, using all of our quality custom shirt making features from our men's program. We have thousands of fine cotton and silk fabrics to choose from.

We use single needle tailor stitching with a variety of collars, cuffs, button types with other features to choose from to make your custom collared blouse unique to your taste.Womens custom suit, custom jacket and custom dresses.

Also, for our female customers in Scottsdale and in the greater Phoenix area, we design ladies custom tailored suits and jackets. There are endless possibilities of garment design combinations, such as lapel sizes and styles, pocket choices, lining materials that are available in a very large variety of colors and patterns which are just few options that we offer when creating a custom tailor suit at NELSON WADE®.

So, whether you love details or want the design of your custom tailored suit, dress, skirt or trouser pants designed in a elegant simple style, at NELSON WADE® we ensure that the end result is uniquely you.

Click here to view a sample of our fashionable custom business garment styles for women.

Additional Notes

Fabrics for our custom suits, custom dress shirts, custom collared blouses, custom pants, custom skirts, Italian silk neckties and all other clothing is available in to view in our store in Scottsdale, Arizona and serving local clients in Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Chandler.

Custom dress shirts, custom suits and or custom clothing packages are available for our clients in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Orange County, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Baltimore.
All by appointment.

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